Friday, May 22, 2009


funtime party zone 2009! come check out the fair and pick up some nu haute skin covers. june sixth and seventh. woot!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


the godfather and guru of home recording, r. stevie moore began his assault on the record industry in 1967 when he first began laying down tracks on a reel to reel tape deck in his basement. his vision has been untainted ever since, producing >25 albums with help from indie labels and countless others on his own. claiming that the breadth of his best recordings were done in the 70's, before he started releasing the home recordings, there may never be an actual measurement of his body of work. melding together almost any genre you can name, r. stevie moore has also established a vast working knowledge and grasp of (un)pop music. heart wrenching truthfulness made my doggie stop wagging her tail, but the playful crafting of the melodies takes the edge off and the poignancy somehow becomes a humorous visit to the zany upstairs neighbor's apartment. he also did his time djing for wfmu, which just seems right.

s all today from my terestrial ghost tube vortex field, stay unified. we will walk in the sky as soon as we finish filling it with dirt... then we can dig out the sun... FINALLY! sheesh

check out the funpack below, bring lunch.

what's the point? (1984) Cuneiform

d.i.y. 'til i bleed: interview


one of many myspace profiles

r. stevie moore: official hq

Monday, May 4, 2009

roman soldiers

i was going to expand this out into a few entries but decided to kill a flock of birds with simulated drowning techniques approved by empires of hog farmers.

gary war is the shit.

blank dogs needs a haircut.

together, they are roman soldiers!

no joke, while doing some surfins to blog dog on my dog blank dogs, i came across the beginnings of the end. this makes me happy. i am not certain if roman soldiers has anything available that is for purchasing, but you can hit up the myspace page here and be happy, and then frustrated just like me. if any of you know where i can get another hit of that good medicine, please, for the love of gawd, send me links.

as far as gary war goes, this low fi psych guru from brooklyn is a man of mystery it seems. i couldn't find any interviews, just album reviews. music that you can enjoy while on a quiet eve when you are sitting back and enjoying a nice, tall, ice cold glass of robotussin. how great is this? he posts recordings on a blog called the FUNZONE.

blank dogs got that lofi psych edge, but falls steadily into the darker matter. shoe gazer-esk with a hint of the industrial of yore, hypnotic and dream like. here is a good interview and hear is where you can find some of your very own.

needless to i love them both, and hey, if you are ever in brooklyn, there is a good chance you can check out a show.

blank dogs myspace

gary war

Saturday, May 2, 2009

trezure trove

hi peeps, it's been awhile, sorry to leave you hanging with the shadow of my ghost for so long. this should make up for it. happy fucking birthday.

mind bending bonker gogo ride in the mouth of the moths flooding the faucet in the sink of the abandoned lean to, this should be a nice puxxle for the next year, but if you need a guide, i shall be referencing the archive often. remember to show your support for the artists by going to their shows and buying their vinyl, ok?

i will be following up soon with some more of my likes and licks later, good night!

Friday, January 23, 2009

mister lonely

earlier this week i viewed the movie "mister lonely" by harmony korine and i was very impressed. not only was it genuinely funny, it was also beautiful. the movie is about an american michael jackson impersonator who is living in paris. he is having a hard time finding people who speak english and finds himself lonely, questioning his identity and thinking about heading back to the states. everything changes while he is doing a gig at a retirement home and meets marilyn monroe who convinces him to come with her back to her beautiful homestead, a Utopian commune for impersonators in a castle nestled in the beautiful french country side. although it has it's dark moments, it seems to be a departure from the intentionally offensive movies previously created by korine. i highly recommend it.

i had almost completely forgotten harmony korine and this movie reignited my curiosity towards the dark character and his limited works. i do believe that korine is one of my favorite directors to date and those of you who think that his social commentary is distasteful, i would disagree, but i would also argue that his originality in imagery and cadence is undeniable. it is not surprising that he names cassavettes, jean luc godard, and werner herzog (who appears in julien donkey-boy and mister lonely) as some of his main influences.

harmony korine has made 4 feature length films: kids, gummo, julien donkey-boy and mister lonely. he also began a short-lived project known as fight harm, directed by david blaine (yes, that david blaine). it was comprised of korine engaging random people in actual street fights. he followed rules of always provoking the fight and continuing until threat of death. korine, who often said he would die for the cinema, hoped to make a cross between a buster keaton vehicle and a snuff film, but after only six fights, he was hospitalized and forced to abandon the project. oof, hardcore. he also wrote the screen play for kent park, which is a seriously twisted movie directed by larry clark (not recommended for the faint of heart).

korine has also published a few books, made a few short stories, made some music videos (including "casper the friendly ghost" by daniel johnston {kids is the first time that i heard a song by daniel johnston}) and a few documentaries. he first gained notoriety at the age of 22 with the movie kids (he wrote the screenplay when he was 19). after julien donkey-boy was finished in 2003, karine practically vanished and although he has never admitted it publicly, his former girlfriend chloe sevigny said in an interview that he was addicted to heroin and methedone and it led to their break up.

of all people, here is what roger ebert said in his review of julien donkey-boy, "korine, who at 25 is one of the most untamed new directors, belongs on the list with godard, cassavettes, herzog, warhol, tarkovsky, brakhage and others who smash conventional movies and reassemble the pieces... harmony korine is the real thing, an innovative and gifted filmmaker whose work forces us to see on his terms." i couldn't agree more.

i believe that harmony korine is truly one of the greatest directors and i look forward to amazing work from him in the future. david letterman is out of touch asshole, but here is a great interview with harmony korine. at the end he really sticks it to him. sorry about the poor quality, but believe me, it is highly entertaining and worth viewing.