Sunday, May 17, 2009


the godfather and guru of home recording, r. stevie moore began his assault on the record industry in 1967 when he first began laying down tracks on a reel to reel tape deck in his basement. his vision has been untainted ever since, producing >25 albums with help from indie labels and countless others on his own. claiming that the breadth of his best recordings were done in the 70's, before he started releasing the home recordings, there may never be an actual measurement of his body of work. melding together almost any genre you can name, r. stevie moore has also established a vast working knowledge and grasp of (un)pop music. heart wrenching truthfulness made my doggie stop wagging her tail, but the playful crafting of the melodies takes the edge off and the poignancy somehow becomes a humorous visit to the zany upstairs neighbor's apartment. he also did his time djing for wfmu, which just seems right.

s all today from my terestrial ghost tube vortex field, stay unified. we will walk in the sky as soon as we finish filling it with dirt... then we can dig out the sun... FINALLY! sheesh

check out the funpack below, bring lunch.

what's the point? (1984) Cuneiform

d.i.y. 'til i bleed: interview


one of many myspace profiles

r. stevie moore: official hq


  1. wow, i don't know how you found my humble little blog, but i am glad that you did. thank you! i am dumb founded... wow.

  2. simple, i set up a google blog alert. gotta know when peeps be talkin bout me. ego stroking R us. keep in touch, kind sir. and grab some product when applicable.

  3. Stevie is God. Bow down, won't you?

  4. what a great post, SDR co-founder

  5. that stevie. what a cutie!