Monday, May 4, 2009

roman soldiers

i was going to expand this out into a few entries but decided to kill a flock of birds with simulated drowning techniques approved by empires of hog farmers.

gary war is the shit.

blank dogs needs a haircut.

together, they are roman soldiers!

no joke, while doing some surfins to blog dog on my dog blank dogs, i came across the beginnings of the end. this makes me happy. i am not certain if roman soldiers has anything available that is for purchasing, but you can hit up the myspace page here and be happy, and then frustrated just like me. if any of you know where i can get another hit of that good medicine, please, for the love of gawd, send me links.

as far as gary war goes, this low fi psych guru from brooklyn is a man of mystery it seems. i couldn't find any interviews, just album reviews. music that you can enjoy while on a quiet eve when you are sitting back and enjoying a nice, tall, ice cold glass of robotussin. how great is this? he posts recordings on a blog called the FUNZONE.

blank dogs got that lofi psych edge, but falls steadily into the darker matter. shoe gazer-esk with a hint of the industrial of yore, hypnotic and dream like. here is a good interview and hear is where you can find some of your very own.

needless to i love them both, and hey, if you are ever in brooklyn, there is a good chance you can check out a show.

blank dogs myspace

gary war

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  1. Gary war is the shit!! They stopped by a friend's house in oxford and played a show in the living room!! It was, well, amazing.