Thursday, January 1, 2009

introduction to the bone whisper

hi, how are you?

welcome to bone whisper. it's what i like! if you are someone who associates the opening sentence with daniel johnston, then this blog might just appeal to you.

bone whisper is something that i have wanted to do for a long time now. i have made it my new year's resolution to finally do something about it. happy new year everyone!

let me tell you all a little bit about myself. my name is anthony ferrario and i was born and raised in anacortes, wa, which has become somewhat of an indie rock hub over the past ten years, thanks to the department of safety. i haven't been there for most of it. i currently reside in cambridge, ma, our fair city, home of the oldest university in america. i do not attend it. i am a seamster and an entrepreneur, my label is called stormcloud, bring rainbows. i will be posting pictures of the new merchandise as i make it, but that is not the main focus of this blog. i may also post pictures of other peoples clothing, art, craft, what-have-you if i am so moved. check out my etsy shop:

you can also friend my at facebook or myspace and see my photostream at

i llllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvve music! i have a wide range as far as my tastes go as you may see if you follow along. the weirder, the better. i have a lot to say, and can be opinionated at times. i will try to stay positive, but no promises. i also love wfmu. music will be a large portion of my posts.

i get all riled up about politics and don't trust any politicians as far as i can throw them. that being said, i will be covering issues that i consider important, or that aren't being represented in the light that i see them in. i tend to lean pretty heavily to the left, but i do not associate myself with a party per se. this, as everything will be open to discussion.

i also like to read. i am particular to fiction, but i read non fiction as well and think that everyone should keep a balance.

radio rocks me! my friend while i work. i also have a flavor for podcasts. i will be giving the updates on what i am digging on that front.

i will also be covering whatever the shit else i want to. it's my turn to be heard, dammit! i have open ears as well though, and i invite any type of discussions or comments, pos or neg. let 'er rip!

there may be some prose and other bizarreness as well, if you keep your eyes crossed, doggie golf crawler.




  1. you forgot to mention how good of a bowler you are.

  2. Indeed you opened up this blog ... am waiting to read your unique ideas and opinion on musics you like ...

  3. you forgot to mention how big of a johnson you have.