Friday, January 9, 2009

mixt tape t intro and contest!

so far, i have spared everyone from any self promotion on my behalf, but i will be doing this every so often. i promise that it will always be interesting and beneficial to you, deal?

for many of you, this may be your first glimpse at this tee, which i have deemed "the mixt tape t". in fact, i have been developing this idea for more than a year. i often reminisce about the good ol' days of mix tape sharing among friends. i feel that some of the magic gets lost with on mix cds or mp3s. this is a social experiment to see if there are others out there who feel the same.

this is only the first phase. the tees will eventually become somewhat of an interactive art, incorporating mix tapes from various people, with tees based on the theme of the tapes (designed by yours truly). i will also be making mixes of my own to share as well. this will be an opportunity for persons involved to share their unique music experience with everyone to enjoy! the collections will be fairly intimate with limited runs made of each tape and tee. the tee shirt will also be named after the mix and the creator of the chosen mix will receive their own tee for free!

if you are interested in submitting a tape, go ahead and shoot me an email. the more unique and clever the mix, the better. extra points for weather themed mixes. creativity is always rewarded! have fun with it, that is the whole point.

on another note, anyone who follows my blog will get a 10% discount at my etsy store. just be sure to mention it before you purchase the garment so that i can amend the price.

to see more pics of the mixt tape t's and everything else that i have been working on, visit my etsy shop at

see, that wasn't so bad, now was it?


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