Saturday, January 3, 2009

not that kenny g!

Add Imagekenneth goldsmith is a man after my own heart.

i have to admit, i didn't always feel this way. there was a time, when i was fresh ears to fmu, that i found his poetry (some consisting of reading lists such as recipes for well over an hour) a little bit more than annoying. ok, the truth is that it drove me fucking nuts! that was, of course, before i found the context of his work.

for those of you who are not familiar with kenny, he is an artist (poet really), a teacher of "uncreative writing" at the university of pennsylvania, the founding editor and curator for the exhaustively prolific online archive that is ubuweb, and host of a show on wfmu.

ubuweb is amazing! it is focussed (if you could call it that) on artists that are considered avant garde . i have no idea how they have managed to compile of this art, but i wouldn't be surprised if you could fill every waking moment of one full year with the sites contents. it is a non-commercial website and operates on a gift economy. it offers educational open access to out-of-print works that find a second life through digital art reprint while also representing the work of contemporaries. the highlight of ubuweb for myself is the entire archive of the tellus audio cassette magazine project. check it out at .

kenny g also has a plethora of written works under his belt including fidget, soliloquy, the weather, and sports to name a few that are definitely worth finding out about to say the least.

now that you have some what of a back ground and have checked out some of the ubuweb goodness (including the kenny g podcasts, shear gold, i promise!) you are ready to indulge in the odyssey that is the kenny g show on wfmu. somewhat of an extention of his sound poetry works, it includes all kind of bizarreness including nick the bard doing solo a capella renditions of somewhat obscure metal songs of yore, including guitar sounds. you can check out the show every wednesday from 12-3pm est on wfmu.

wfmu is a whole other story and will blow your mind! check 'em out at


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